Horror Hide And Seek is an enjoyable web-based adventure game wherein players have to avoid getting caught and sacrificed by enraged spirits, while striving to remain alive. The key objective of the game is to conceal oneself on the map using a variety of items such as beds, brooms and books. The player has to be careful while concealing themselves in order to become the final survivor.
Horror Hide And Seek is an enjoyable online game that involves hide-and-seek with a spooky twist. Players must evade the wrath of vengeful spirits, but some will inevitably become casualties while others survive. To avoid detection by these fearsome ghosts, players can blend into their surroundings using various objects such as beds, brooms, books and more. The key to winning the game is by hiding wisely and emerging as the last person standing.

Comment jouer

Si vous jouez sur PC, utilisez les touches WASD et cliquez pour bouger. Si vous jouez sur un téléphone portable, appuyez sur des boutons pour bouger.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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