I Can Transform is an action-platform game in 2D where you utilize a special costume to morph into mechanical objects such as a car, rocket, helicopter, or motorcycle. This transformation helps you evade obstacles and gather Vortex Gems while battling the Assas - the evil guys who seek to destroy the globe. Moreover, Cross World mode permits players to explore different video game worlds and offers rewards if they successfully accomplish every event with maximum efficiency!
I Can Transform is an action-packed 2D game that allows players to utilize special costumes to transform into mechanical objects, such as cars, rockets, helicopters, and motorcycles. This enables you to surmount obstacles while gathering Vortex Gems throughout levels and defeating the nefarious Assas who aim to wreak havoc on the world. Additionally, the Cross World mode takes players through different worlds from well-known video games and rewards them for completing events with a perfect 100% score!

Comment jouer

Appuyez sur l'écran ou appuyez sur la touche ESPACE pour effectuer des actions spéciales.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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