Prankster 3D is a unique puzzle game designed for children, which can be played online without any cost. The objective of the game is to locate a textbook by following provided clues, accurately answering questions related to it, and then escaping from the room with a key while avoiding detection by the prankster. To help you keep track of your enemy's whereabouts, refer to the small map located in the top-right corner of the screen. Remain vigilant at all times since he may show up unexpectedly from behind at any moment!
Prankster 3D is a unique puzzle game that can be played online and is suitable for children. The aim of the game is to locate the textbook with the help of hints, correctly answer questions, and escape the room without being caught by the prankster. By using the small map located in the top right-hand corner, you can easily determine your opponent's whereabouts. Beware! The prankster may suddenly appear behind you at any moment!

Comment jouer

When playing on a computer, one can use the WASD keys or mouse clicks to move. However, if one is playing on a mobile device, they would need to utilize button taps in order to move.

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