Enjoy the exciting Brawl Rush Leon Run game where you must assist a tiny Leon in running continuously and leaping over obstacles. Available for free on kiz10, this entertaining game is set on diverse maps with numerous hazards such as dungeons, dark nights and deserts. Little Leon can only run if your jumping skills are good enough to help him evade lurking enemies and hazardous obstacles at the precise moment. The ultimate goal of the game is to enable little Leon to travel as far as possible, accruing the highest score along the way.
enjoying a thrilling survival race in Brawl Rush Leon Run. Join little Leon on his adventure as he runs nonstop through various maps filled with dangers such as the desert, dark night, and dungeons. But fear not, for with your help, little Leon can jump at the right time to avoid obstacles and enemies that lurk around every corner. The ultimate goal is to get the best score possible by taking little Leon as far as you can in this free game available on kiz10.

Comment jouer

Utilisez le clic droit de la souris pour sauter sur PC. Pour les dispositifs mobiles et les tablettes, touchez l'écran du doigt pour effectuer cette action.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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