Salut Baddie Girl! Are you searching for games related to nails, high heels, acrylics, polish and art? Congratulations as you have just found the perfect games for girls! This virtual runway is meant specifically for you. Picture yourself stepping out of a nail salon after trying out a new polish color with elegant artwork on your nails and now imagine strutting down the podium. Maintain those beautiful nails of yours while collecting coins by cutting through various obstacles along the way. Flaunt your confident catwalk and signature twerk moves like a true queen that you are! You can also unlock different baddies throughout the game to add some excitement. So what are you waiting for? It's time to rock them all and become the ultimate Nail Queen!
Are you in search of nail-related games such as high heels, acrylic nails, nail polish and nail art? Look no further as we offer the finest selection of games for girls! Picture yourself freshly out of a salon with fabulous nails adorned with unique art. Strut your stuff down the runway while slicing through obstacles and collecting cash. Showcase your catwalk skills along with an iconic twerk dance to become the ultimate queen of nails. Unlock various baddies and take over every challenge that comes your way!

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