Poppy Playtime Mobile Game invites you to embark on a horror-filled puzzle adventure that demands your survival against vengeful toys. As you navigate through the desolate toy factory, utilize your GrabPack tool to manipulate electrical circuits and grasp objects from afar. Venture into the unknown corners of this mysterious facility but be cautious not to fall into the traps of these malevolent toys. Join us in discovering what has led to the disappearance of everyone at Playtime Co., previously known as a dominant figure in the toy manufacturing industry until one unfortunate day when all its employees vanished without an explanation.
Official Poppy Playtime Mobile Game is a horror/puzzle adventure where you're faced with the daunting task of staying alive. The abandoned toy factory is filled with vengeful toys waiting to make your stay more frightening. Fortunately, you have a GrabPack that can be used to hack electrical circuits or grab objects from a distance. As you explore the facility, try not to get caught by any lurking dangers. Welcome to Playtime Co.! This once great industry leader in toy manufacturing was mysteriously deserted years ago and now it's up to you to uncover what happened while navigating this eerie environment.

Comment jouer

Utilisez les touches WASD pour vous déplacer, LMB pour attaquer, P pour faire une pause, C pour vous accroupir et la barre Espace pour sauter.

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