challenging levels with unique obstacles that must be avoided, including TNT, boxes, cars and even ambulances. What sets Blocky Roads apart is its cartoonish charm and the ability to unlock new characters by earning stars. It shares some similarities with Crossy Road, but it still manages to stand out on its own. To come out on top of the leaderboard, running confidently is key. Overall, this game boasts stunning voxel art visuals and provides players with more than ten levels filled with exciting challenges.
different cartoon characters to unlock in Blocky Roads, which is a running game that features various obstacles like TNT, boxes, cars and ambulances. Similar to Crossy Road, the game rewards players with stars that they can use to unlock additional cartoon characters. Running confidently is key if you want to earn as many points as possible and climb the leaderboards. Additionally, the voxel art visuals are stunningly beautiful - some of the best I've seen in any game.

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