the joystick in the play zone while controlling its direction with a swipe of your finger across the screen. To avoid venomous attacks from opposing Snake worms, you can activate a speedy boost to quickly move out of harm's way. With Slink io, dominating your competitors is as easy as slithering, consuming, and growing. The mouse completely controls your worm's crawl, making it simple to direct its movements by dragging.
the joystick, and also by swiping your finger over the screen to turn it in the direction of your mouse cursor. Additionally, if you need to quickly navigate out of the way of enemy snakes' venomous attacks, simply activate a speed boost. By slithering around and consuming other worms, you can grow bigger and ultimately dominate the competition. The controls for Slink io are intuitive - just use your mouse to handle all aspects of movement for your worm!

Comment jouer

Pour contrôler le serpent dans le jeu, utilisez les touches WASD et la touche Espace pour accélérer sur mobile.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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