Xoka is a 2D game in which you control a spectral character. Your task is to gather human spirits' orbs while evading enemy flying ghosts and their projectiles as well as the fiery pits of hell. When you reach the Exit door, you may advance to the following stage. There are eight levels available, each incrementally more challenging than the previous one.
Xoka is a game where you control the spirit of a ghost, tasked with gathering human spirits' orbs. However, it's not that simple; as you progress through eight levels, there will be various obstacles to navigate around. Watch out for enemy ghosts and flying spirits who try to stop you by firing bullets at your character! Additionally, hellfire poses an added challenge as you make your way towards the Exit door. The difficulty increases gradually with each new level.

Comment jouer

Utilisez les touches WASD ou les flèches pour le déplacement du personnage. Effectuez un double saut en appuyant deux fois sur la touche W ou la flèche haut.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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