Xoka 2 is a game in which you control a spectral entity that needs to gather human spirits' orbs whilst dodging various hazards such as other apparitions, airborne specters and their ammunition, infernal flames, all to make it through the Exit portal and advance to the next challenge. There are eight levels to test your skills on, with an escalating level of difficulty as you progress. This sequel follows on from the first installment of "Xoka."
Xoka 2 is a two-dimensional game where you take on the role of a ghost and gather orbs that belong to human spirits. You must avoid your enemies such as flying ghosts, enemy ghosts, bullets, fire from hell and reach the exit door to progress to higher levels. The game has eight challenging levels that escalate in difficulty as you advance through them. This game is part of the original "Xoka" series and considered its second installment.

Comment jouer

Pour déplacer le joueur, utilisez les touches WASD ou les flèches directionnelles. Pour effectuer un double saut, appuyez deux fois sur la touche W ou la flèche Up.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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