of challenging levels that will test your creativity and quick thinking. 2. Intuitive swipe controls for drawing walls to protect the dog from angry bees. 3. Cute, adorable graphics that are sure to appeal to casual gamers who enjoy puzzles and cute animals. 4. Engaging gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Save The Dogster is a puzzle game where you must use your skills to save an innocent pooch from being stung by furious bees. Its easy-to-use control scheme lets you build barriers out of walls with swipes in order to fend off the swarm, all while trying not to lose the poor creature during a time limit of six seconds at each level's end - but hold on and victory shall be yours! Ideal for those who like tests involving both wit and enthusiasm over charming pets, it features visually-pleasing imagery throughout its various challenges which could potentially make playing it an all-day occasion!
of challenging puzzles to test your creativity and quick thinking skills, as you strive to rescue an endearing dog from the wrath of angry bees. Employ intuitive swipe controls, through which you leave a trail of walls that hinder the bees' pursuit for only six seconds. Hang in there and achieve victory! Save The Dogster delivers exactly what casual game enthusiasts who love cute animals crave. This engaging game boasts exquisite graphics and hours-long entertainment value. Characteristics: 1) Diverse difficulty levels incorporated into numerous puzzles that challenge your mental agility as well as reaction time; all designed with the singular purpose of freeing an adorable pooch from hostile swarm of buzzing insects.

Comment jouer

dog to reach the end of the screen without hitting any obstacles.

Comment jouer ? 1. Balayez simplement l'écran pour créer un mur qui protège le chien. 2. Vous pouvez continuer à dessiner la ligne tant que vous ne laissez pas aller votre doigt. 3. Une fois satisfait du modèle, relâchez votre doigt pour créer le mur. 4. Attendez que le chien atteigne la fin de l'écran sans heurter d'obstacles.

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