Roper is a type of game that entails controlling a running character with one tap while navigating across various levels filled with obstacles and cliffs. The character runs automatically, stopping only when they hit solid walls or objects. By tapping at the right time, you can jump and keep your character moving in the correct direction. Additionally, by tapping and holding down on the brown circle platform, you can swing off it. To complete each level successfully requires gathering all coins present within them. Can you finish all 100 levels of Roper?
Roper is a type of game that involves movement across various levels with hurdles and steep slopes. You can control the character's running motion using a single tap, as he runs automatically and stops only upon colliding with an object or wall. By tapping when necessary, you can ensure your character moves in the correct direction and by holding down on brown circles atop platforms, you can swing to new locations. Completing each level requires collecting every coin within it - Can you manage this feat amongst Roper's one hundred stages?

Comment jouer

Touche d'action - WASD Barre d'espace ou touches de direction.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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