Makeup Artist 3D is a game that caters to girls who are interested in beauty. It is said that there are no unattractive women, only those who do not put in the effort. Congratulations on being the owner of a beauty salon! Your services will include makeup application, acne treatment, eyebrow shaping and more. Improve your store's decor and cosmetic offerings to enhance customer satisfaction. Have fun creating beauty looks!
Makeup Artist 3D is a game designed for girls to experiment with beauty and aesthetics. The game focuses on running a salon, offering services such as makeup application, acne treatment, and eyebrow shaping. You can improve the attractiveness of the salon by decorating it with better equipment and tools and upgrading your cosmetic products. Get ready to have fun bringing out the beauty in others! Remember: there are no unattractive women; just those who may not put in enough effort!

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