The goth girl, Rogue, is excited to attend the school prom and showcase her new self-created dance routine. Having rehearsed for an entire month, she drew inspiration from classic films to perfect it. While Rogue has readied a beautiful black dress for the occasion, she feels like something is still missing - makeup! What's a ball without makeup? She needs your help in choosing makeup that resonates with her inner world. Opting for bold and dark hues will highlight her eyes and lips while adding some freckles can lend a romantic touch to the whole look. So get ready to have fun at the ball as you watch Rogue perform her unique dance routine!
The gothic girl, Rogue, has been practicing a new dance for the school prom that she came up with herself after being inspired by classic films. She rehearsed it for a whole month and is ready to make a splash at the event. However, something seems to be missing from her outfit - makeup! How can one attend a ball without proper makeup? To enhance her inner world, choose bold and dark shades of makeup that will draw attention to her eyes and lips. Adding freckles will also give the look a touch of romance. With all preparations complete, have fun at the ball and dance in your unique style!

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Selon le dispositif de jeu, l'utilisateur peut utiliser un clic de souris ou une simple touche sur les écrans tactiles pour contrôler.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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