to reveal all the surprises, so get ready for an adventure!)

Experience an intergalactic journey as GravytX, a powerful extraterrestrial with unmatched abilities to manipulate gravity and remotely control objects. Your mission is to rescue various civilizations that have fallen prey to the oppression of Vodouas - malevolent entities determined to conquer galaxies. Travel vast distances across different worlds and indulge in diverse and enjoyable levels that come with unique gameplay mechanics tailored specifically for each planet. Engage in exciting puzzles while facing multiple bosses and mini-bosses that will put your skills to the test. Brace yourself for numerous other surprises along your path, making it impossible for us to divulge everything here! So prepare yourself for an epic adventure like no other!
to spoil all the surprises for you!)

Step into the shoes of GravytX, an extraterrestrial endowed with extraordinary abilities to remotely control objects and manipulate gravity. Traverse through different corners of the universe in a mission to rescue people from Vodouas' dominion - evil entities determined to conquer every planet they come across. Brace yourself for some exciting adventures that lie ahead - uncover diverse planets, experience fun-filled levels, each unique gameplay mechanics, solve thrilling puzzles and challenge various bosses and mini-bosses. There's loads more excitement waiting for you on your journey which we'd rather keep as a surprise!

Comment jouer

Il est possible de modifier les commandes dans les options du jeu. Sur PC, la touche "W" permet de sauter et la touche "X" permet de tirer, tandis que les touches fléchées permettent de déplacer l'objet joueur. Sur mobile, il suffit d'utiliser les touches virtuelles pour directionnelles pour déplacer l'objet joueur et d'appuyer sur "A" pour sauter et sur "B" pour tirer.

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