You're currently on a killing spree due to the overwhelming number of undead wandering around. Is there anything you can do to eliminate them completely? Every zombie you slay will earn coins that can be utilized to purchase new weapons. This game includes three maps, each comprising ten different levels; six distinct weapons; over twenty variations of zombies; a Zombie Dismemberment System, and lots of gore.
You're currently on a rampage, as there's an overwhelming number of undead beings wandering about. Is it feasible for you to take action and eliminate them all? Defeating zombies will result in you receiving a set amount of coins that can be utilized to unlock more weaponry. This game possesses several features, including three maps that contain ten levels each, six varying weapons, over 20 distinctive zombies, a feature allowing for zombie dismemberment and violent scenes.

Comment jouer

our/activate Night Vision

Utilise W A S D for movement, Mouse to view surroundings, Left Mouse Button to shoot and Right Mouse button to target. To change weapons, simply utilise the mouse wheel. Use G for grenades and R to reload your weapon. When you spot items on the ground you wish to collect, tap F. To run quickly press Left Shift or crouch with Left CTRL; activate night vision using X.

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