Breakanoid is an online game in the style of Arkanoid that requires you, as Commander, to carry out a mission: to put a stop to the Vaus Mothership which has already caused destruction across multiple solar systems. The objective is to destroy it through 100 levels full of challenging and action-packed gameplay featuring balls and bricks. To complete this breakout game successfully, expect barriers like walls, enemies, and bosses blocking your path at different stages. Save the galaxy from further harm by defeating the Vaus Mothership with Breakanoid! This game features unique components such as 100 distinct levels arranged over ten zones; ten types of enemies and five bosses; eight power-ups; all encompassed in a modern yet futuristic environment.
Breakanoid is a game that resembles Arkanoid, where players must destroy the Vaus Mothership before it conquers more solar systems. As commander, your mission consists of breaking bricks and launching balls through 100 levels filled with enemies, bosses, and walls. In order to save the galaxy you will have to stop this alien ship from progressing further. Breakanoid offers various features such as ten different types of enemies and five powerful bosses throughout its ten unique zones in addition to eight power-ups. Fully modernized, Breakanoid creates a futuristic gaming experience for all users alike!

Comment jouer

Le clavier permet de se déplacer grâce aux touches gauche et droite, tandis que la touche "Espace" sert à lâcher la balle. Pour ce qui est de la souris, il suffit d'appuyer sur le bouton gauche pour lâcher la balle. Enfin, en mode tactile, il suffit de toucher l'écran pour libérer celle-ci.

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