Engage in battle against malevolent creepers and utilize a diverse selection of 11 weapons to do so. Safeguard the pixel universe from demonic beings while evading dangerous shooters, kamikazes, golems, spirits, and poisonous flora. Eliminate pixel adversaries by means of a bazooka or axe or opt for machine gun or sniper rifle bursts as necessary. Inflict punishment upon any moving target until you reach the prince of darkness! Characteristics include: - retro-style graphics - expansive range of weaponry - distinctive foes - habit-forming mechanics - rapid pacing
Combat hordes of malevolent creepers with a variety of 11 weapons. Safeguard the pixelated world from demonic beings, while evading enemy fire from shooters, kamikazes, golems, spirits and noxious flora. Eliminate your pixel adversaries using a multitude of weapons such as the bazooka or axe for close-range attacks or unleash machine gun and sniper rifle bursts for medium to long distance engagements. Annihilate anything in your way to reach the prince of darkness! Enjoy the game's captivating features like its retro-style graphics, vast array of weapons and diverse enemies that promise an immersive gaming experience with fast-paced action gameplay full of excitement.

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Explore your surroundings with the mouse, and navigate through them using the WASD keys. To move faster, press shift. Jump using the space bar and shoot using the left mouse button. If you need to aim, hold down the right mouse button. Scroll up or down on your mouse wheel to switch between weapons. Reload by pressing R and throw grenades by hitting G.

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