A school prom awaits the gothic girl, who's eager to showcase her new dance. After a month of dedicated rehearsal and drawing inspiration from classic films, Rogue has devised a unique routine. In addition to her stunning black dress, she feels that makeup is essential for creating the perfect look for this special occasion. Help her choose dark and bold shades that will enhance her eyes and lips while giving you an insight into her inner world. Lastly, adding freckles can add a touch of romance to complete the look. Now it's time to head out and let loose with some weird dance moves at the ball!

The goth girl, Rogue, will be attending her school prom and plans to impress with a new dance she has created. Inspired by classic films, she rehearsed it diligently for an entire month. Although she has a beautiful black dress prepared for the occasion, something is lacking - makeup! Of course you cannot attend a ball without proper makeup. Help her choose makeup that expresses her inner self by using bold and dark shades to accentuate her eyes and lips while adding a touch of romance with some freckles. Enjoy the ball - have fun dancing your unique dance!

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