The enemy, known as the "Mini Reds," is attempting to seize your vital military base. To thwart their efforts, you must deploy your own troops, the "Tiny Blues." Employ strategic thinking and select appropriate units that will give you an edge over them. As commander-in-chief of the "Tiny Blues" army, it's imperative that you emerge triumphant against the hostile "Mini Reds." Remember to protect your beloved country and safeguard this crucial stronghold at all costs!
The objective is to prevent the "Mini Reds" from seizing your vital military base by commanding your "Tiny Blues" forces. Use clever tactics and select appropriate units to vanquish the foe. Take charge of the "Tiny Blues" army and triumph over the opposition. It is crucial to safeguard both your nation and this base!

Comment jouer

L'objectif est d'empêcher les attaques des Mini Rouges en choisissant et plaçant vos unités où c'est nécessaire.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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