Do you enjoy cute and vibrant aquatic species? Having an aquarium filled with these unique creatures might be appealing to you. However, it's essential to rethink your decision because a horde of marine animals such as fishes, whales, jellyfishes, and turtles are gearing up for war on land. To prevent this from happening, you'll need to implement strategic tactics. Show this group of watery anomalies that they're in danger of becoming sushi at the corner bar!
Do you have a fondness for adorable, vibrant aquatic creatures? Perhaps you once dreamed of owning an aquarium stocked with these fascinating, rare animals? It's time to reassess your priorities because there is a looming threat: hoards of sea dwellers, including fish, whales, jellyfishes and turtles are preparing to invade our country. If we want to thwart this attack, it will require clever strategic planning... The only way to fend off these waterlogged insurgents is by showing them that they're the main course at the sushi restaurant down the street!

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will become stronger and more numerous. Choose from a variety of towers to strategically place on the ground in order to defeat as many enemies as possible before they can overpower you. Endure an endless onslaught of increasingly intense waves of foes, with each subsequent group becoming tougher and more abundant than the last.

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