City Takeover is an addictively entertaining arcade game that immerses you in a three-dimensional world of warfare. The objective? Seize as many cities as you can! Your leadership skills will be put to the test, as you'll need to take over a city only when your soldiers outnumber the inhabitants inside. Be vigilant for enemy forces seeking to infiltrate and seize control of your own cities! Outsmart them all and emerge victorious over competing armies. Give it a shot and may fortune favor you on the battlefield!
City Takeover is an engaging and captivating three-dimensional arcade game that allows you to conquer as many cities as your heart desires. As the commander of an army, your goal is to capture the city once the number of soldiers on your side surpasses or equals its population. However, be wary of enemy infiltration into your own cities. The ultimate victor in this game will be determined by strategic planning and a sharp mind. So why not put yourself to the test? Give it a try and may fortune smile upon you!

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