A band of rogue stick figures have entered the jungle and are causing fatalities. The region's best army unit is their last chance for survival! You're a duo of highly skilled soldiers who control an arsenal capable of defeating the rebels. It's up to you to bring this conflict to a close, but it won't be easy - you'll face an intense confrontation that demands unwavering protection of your position, no matter what obstacles arise!
The jungle is being invaded and people are being killed by a group of rebellious stickmen. The area's only hope lies in its top army team, which consists of two highly skilled soldiers who possess a variety of powerful weapons that can defeat the rebels and bring an end to this conflict. However, engaging in battle will be difficult, so it's vital for the team to defend their position at all costs.

Comment jouer

Employ Moue or utilize the touch screen to navigate through the game's tutorial. Your objective is to protect your position from rebels and traitors while leading your team towards ultimate triumph. A plethora of unique weapons, such as guns, machine guns, bazookas, and rifles are at your disposal.

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