Become Sonic the Hedgehog and race through breathtaking surroundings, leaping, bounding and twirling to glory. Dodge or slide past barriers in an adrenaline-fueled racing adventure. Embark on a thrilling run and jump experience with Sonic! Join forces with Sonic's crew as they traverse epic paths by sprinting, vaulting and harnessing incredible speed boosts. Unleash new personalities, construct stunning worlds and conquer bosses! It's SONIC... Behold Sonic the Hedgehog in this non-stop game of running, jumping and dashing! How far will you go?
Experience the thrill of playing as Sonic the Hedgehog, as you navigate through breathtaking surroundings by dashing, jumping and spinning. Race through an action-packed gameplay where you slide over or under obstacles with ease. Join forces with Sonic and his crew to conquer epic routes using super acceleration, while unlocking new characters, building stunning worlds and taking down bosses. Are you up for the challenge? See how far you can go in this non-stop running adventure featuring our beloved Sonic!

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