Smile Rush is a straightforward and user-friendly online game designed for children. The objective of Smile Rush is to manage your character's teeth as they run through the levels, collecting teeth and avoiding candy that could potentially harm them. It's crucial for kids to maintain healthy teeth, so every tooth collected should be carefully cleaned before being added to the empty spaces in their dental lineup. With enough attention and care, these new additions will become bright white teeth that'll surely bring a smile to any child's face! Ready to join this adventure?
Smile Rush is a straightforward online game designed for children. It involves running and collecting teeth while avoiding sugary treats that can harm teeth. Maintaining good dental hygiene is crucial for kids, and Smile Rush serves as a fun way to promote healthy habits. The goal of the game is to fill in gaps with clean, bright white teeth, which brings joy through smiles. Are you prepared to embark on this tooth-collecting adventure?

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Sur l'écran, appuyez sur le bouton ou cliquez avec la souris.

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