Road Racer is an HTML5 game that allows you to run on your mobile device. You can drive a new sports car, which provides a delightful experience. Your role as the player is to steer the vehicle away from other cars driven by opponents and try to outrun them for as long as possible. Control your ride using the button or arrow keys provided in the game interface. Losing lives is inevitable when involved in crashes, so be careful with your movements while playing this amazing game!
Road Racer is a mobile game that utilizes HTML5 technology and revolves around the concept of racing down the road. Recently, you acquired a brand new sports car that provides immense pleasure during your driving experience. Your task involves maneuvering your car to avoid colliding with other cars on the road. The ultimate goal is overtaking as many vehicles as possible while maintaining your position for an extended period. To control your vehicle, simply tap any of the arrow buttons provided on the screen. Beware! Every crash may end up costing you one life in the game. Why not give it a shot?

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Le dispositif tactile ou le clavier.

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