to Object Hunt, the exciting Whack game of the year that allows you to take a break from work and studying by destroying various objects in your line of sight including beds, cabinets, fireplaces, TVs and more. You can also collect scattered items throughout the room while engaging in sabotage with popular movie and anime characters like Spiderman, Ironman, Pikachu and others. Acquire gold coins during gameplay to upgrade your arsenal or change up your character skins. This game offers endless entertainment - don't miss out on Object Hunt!
discover Object Hunt, the most captivating Whack game of the year. This game offers you an opportunity to relieve work and study stress by demolishing every object that meets your gaze - be it beds, cabinets, fireplaces, TVs - nothing is off-limits. Besides destroying objects, remember to pick up scattered items in the rooms. Additionally, experience sabotage operations alongside renowned film and animation personalities such as Spiderman or Ironman or Pikachu. You may then use collected gold coins to purchase more advanced weaponry or replace character skins with new ones. Do not hesitate; this boundless game awaits your exploration!

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