Megalodon expands upon the world of Great White, offering new territories to traverse and creatures to encounter. Take control of one of the most fearsome predators in aquatic history and explore an extensive ocean teeming with both wildlife and human life. With this updated edition, players may now swim to the surface as if they were a true shark.
Megalodon is the sequel to Great White, offering a large expansion of the ocean you can explore. With this comes a brand new environment filled with fresh animals and even humans, as you assume control over one of history's most ferocious and intimidating sea predators - Megalodon! Furthermore, now you have the ability to swim all the way up to the surface just like a real shark.

Comment jouer

Utilize either WASD or the arrow keys for swimming, Left Shift to increase your swimming speed, the Space bar to attack, Escape to pause and resume gameplay, and M to access the menu.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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