1. The game's visuals are uncomplicated, providing a tranquil gaming atmosphere.
2. During gameplay, your objective is to amass an abundance of hair; and the longer it gets, the higher your score.
3. Operating the game is a breeze for players as all it requires is clicking on the screen.
1. The game's simplistic visuals create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.
2. As you progress through the levels, collecting longer strands of hair will earn you more points.
3. Gameplay couldn't be easier - simply tap the screen to control your character.

Comment jouer

1. You have the option to select various hairstyles and add some color for a unique look.
2. When encountering various hazards, it is crucial to swiftly evade them in order to progress through each level seamlessly.
3. The game offers numerous items that players can utilize to aid them in their endeavors and overcome challenges.

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