Indulge in some free, light-hearted fun with Impostor Rush Rocket Launcher - an entertaining shooting game. With your shooting skills to calculate the angle and aim right, you can knock down enemies who're guarding the towers. It's imperative that you don't let them survive if you wish to progress further. Available on without any charge, this game is inspired by characters from squid games and impostors; it features a small character attempting to run away from the dangerous game but unaware of soldiers keeping their vigilance in every tower to eliminate any escapees!
Have a blast while playing the latest addition to our gaming collection, Impostor Rush Rocket Launcher! It's a relaxed shooting game where you need to aim well and calculate angles to take down enemies on their towers; failure to do so will impede your progress. The characters of Squid Game and impostors feature in this game which is accessible at for free. You'll control an impostor who strives to escape from the Squid Games by running around islands unaware that soldiers are monitoring players from different towers with plans of eliminating them should anyone attempt an escape.

Comment jouer

Utilise le clic droit de la souris pour viser et tirer sur les ordinateurs. Pour les appareils mobiles et les tablettes, touche l'écran pour viser et relâche-le pour tirer.

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