Dungeon Poppy Playtime presents a unique challenge, as concerned citizens have reported sightings of a frightening purple monster roaming through the alleys. There is but one survivor left in that treacherous dungeon seeking your assistance to escape safely. The journey will be perilous, for hostile soldiers await at every turn and are quick to shoot on sight. They relentlessly pursue you until they've eliminated you completely. Your mission is to guide the soldier around varying levels of difficulty within the labyrinthine corridors and take down any threats that cross your path with sharp shooting skills.
Dungeon Poppy Playtime is a game where you join a team that responds to citizens' distress calls about a frightening monster in the alleys. You must help the sole survivor escape from this dangerous dungeon filled with enemy soldiers who will shoot you on sight and pursue you relentlessly until you are defeated. Your goal is to guide your soldier through various challenging levels of the dungeon, shooting any hostile targets along the way.

Comment jouer

Pour jouer à Dungeon Poppy Playtime, utilisez la souris sur PC et faites glisser le joystick sur les dispositifs mobiles ou tablettes.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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