objective of eliminating the Huggy Wuggy infestation. Your car is your only hope in this post-apocalyptic world ravaged by the deadly virus. With your driving skills and courage, you must eradicate as many Huggy Wuggies as possible. But always stay vigilant, for if caught off guard, these vicious beings will destroy your vehicle in a matter of seconds. Swift maneuvers at high speeds are essential to succeed in your mission and save what's left of humanity from extinction.
goal of eliminating as many Huggy Wuggy as possible. As one of the remaining survivors in a world infested by the dangerous Huggy Wuggy virus, your only hope for survival is your trusty car. With your experience and bravery behind the wheel, you are uniquely equipped to fend off the hordes of infected individuals. Your mission: eliminate as many of these threats as possible. However, watch out for unexpected attacks that could quickly render your vehicle useless. Quick reflexes and expert driving maneuvers will be crucial to staying alive and succeeding in this challenging task.

Comment jouer

Le but du jeu est d'éliminer autant de Huggy Wuggy que possible jusqu'à ce que vous manquiez de carburant et ne mourriez pas vous-même. Utilisez les touches WASD pour conduire la voiture, la touche ESPACE pour le frein à main, la touche C pour changer de caméra et la touche Shift pour utiliser le nitro.

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