efficiency. Show off your driving skills and climb the ranks of the Hot Lap League by perfecting your techniques on over 150 exhilarating tracks that each call for their own unique strategies. Leave no room for error as you take full control of your vehicle, without any additional help from driving assistance or other distractions. Enjoy an arcade-style experience like never before, where it's just you, the track and the clock - all working together toward one ultimate goal: becoming a master driver.
speeds. Gain mastery over your vehicle, compete in the Hot Lap League, and dominate each of the 150+ awe-inspiring tracks that require distinct approaches and tactics. The only path to success is through improving your lap times with diligent racing. No driving aids or extraneous features - just you, the track, and the clock. Enjoy thrilling arcade-style entertainment as you navigate a variety of extraordinary courses; soar over massive jumps, deftly navigate enormous loops, and defy physics on supercharged magnetic pavement at top velocities!

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