velocity. Take command of your automobile, refine your driving skills, and establish yourself in the Hot Lap League. Glide and compete on more than 150 tracks that will awe-inspire you, each demanding distinctive tactics and approaches. The sole method to ascend to the summit is by enhancing your timing through racing against the best. Excluding any unnecessary driving aid or distractions, it's only you versus time while traversing the course - this provides an exhilarating arcade-style sensation. Hone your abilities as you encounter a plethora of exceptional courses! Propel your car over gigantic leaps, deftly weave through mammoth loops, and put magnetized tarmac to the test as you attain maximum speed despite gravity's pull.
velocity. Dominate the Hot Lap League by honing your driving skills as you drift and race on over 150 breathtaking tracks that each demand their own unique techniques and strategies. The key to rising through the ranks lies in continually improving your time based on your personal best, with no crutch of driver assistance or other misleading gimmicks. Inject some pure arcade-style excitement into your experience as you launch off huge jumps, deftly navigate massive loops, and push beyond limits on magnetic asphalt - all under the ticking pressure of the clock.

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