Think you've got some guts? How long can you keep your finger in the hole? Who's the scaredy-cat and who's the true hero. DIRECTIONS: 1) Press and hold onto the hole for as long as possible. 2) If it gets too intense, humorously pretend to chop off your finger (digitally). 3) Dropping out early may earn you the title of "chicken"!!! A playful activity to enjoy with friends.
Do you believe that you possess an unflappable demeanor? What is your endurance threshold for maintaining pressure on the hole with your finger? Who will show timidity and who will exhibit unfaltering courage? GUIDELINES: 1. Place your finger on the hole and sustain it for as long as you are able. 2. In case you find the level of pressure to be too high, it is feasible to simulate a chopped off finger (digitally). 3. If you release your hold too soon, others may view it as cowardice!!! An entertaining pastime to engage in with friends.

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