"Dungeon Dodge" is a thrilling game that takes place in a dungeon inhabited by fireballs, where you earn coins. These coins can be used to enhance your character's abilities and construct a village. Additionally, the coins may also be exchanged for skins at the village's casino. Test yourself by braving the dungeon and growing as a hero!
"Dungeon Dodge" is a thrilling game set in a dungeon that's packed with fireballs. Your goal is to collect coins and utilize them to establish your village and enhance your character's abilities. Moreover, you can unlock numerous skins at the casino using these coins. Test your endurance skills in the dungeon and elevate yourself as a true hero!

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To control your character on desktop, use A and D keys to move horizontally and W or J key to jump. Utilize F key to activate certain features if available. For mobile devices, tap on the buttons to select an upgrade or utilize the casino. Use the interface buttons provided for optimal management of your hero's actions.

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