This particular game is an action-puzzle game where your objective entails transporting a heavily intoxicated uncle to a bench by utilizing the crane. The buttons on the right-hand side of your screen will assist you in playing this game, as they allow for horizontal and downward movement, so that you may release with ease. Playing this game could be considered similar to participating in a crane-styled arcade game. Furthermore, there are 38 levels included within the gameplay, ensuring that one never becomes bored; some stages also involve placing your drunken uncle atop an elephant or even using trampoline recoil to complete objectives. Conquer all 38 levels with three stars and hidden levels shall become available – do not hesitate to attempt them!
This is an action-puzzle game where the objective is to transport a drunken uncle to a bench using a crane. To play, use the buttons located on the right-hand side of the screen to control horizontal and downward movements, and release when needed. It's reminiscent of playing with actual cranes. With 38 stages available, there's lots to enjoy without becoming bored. Alongside transporting drunk uncles to benches, players will also have opportunities for riding elephants or utilising trampoline recoil in later stages. Hidden levels can be unlocked by completing all 38 stages with three-star ratings - so give it your best shot!

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ll be necessary to adjust the arm before releasing him.

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