Take a leap! Delight yourself with this mini-game involving jumping! Enter Normal Mode for the chance to unlock new characters and have your score saved every 50 points. No pressure, just enjoy the thrill of jumping. If you're craving even more excitement, try Challenge Mode where your score will only be recorded if you surpass your previous high score. This is essentially a classic game that's centered around achieving the best possible outcome. Need some relaxation? Opt for Relax Mode where making points and having fun are top priority - plus there's no way to lose here! And don't forget about those combos - tap quickly to achieve them or else be forced to start over again after too long of a delay.
Take a leap and enjoy this mini game of jumping! Begin with the Normal Mode, where you can unlock new characters and your progress will be saved every 50 points. Zero pressure, just jump and have fun! If you're looking for a greater challenge, try the Challenge Mode! Your scores won't be saved unless you surpass your previous best score - it's like a classic game with only the high scores recorded. For something more relaxing, there's always Relax Mode to simply rack up points without any fear of losing. And if you want to really show off your skills, attempt combos by tapping quickly before time runs out!

Comment jouer

Pour éviter la répétition, il est possible de reformuler le paragraphe comme suit: Utilisez les touches tactiles ou les flèches directionnelles.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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