survive the zombie-filled wasteland in Zombie Derby: Blocky Roads? This action-packed game requires driving skills, a strong will to survive and an unwavering determination. Battle through hordes of zombies and obstacles while keeping your fuel levels up for the ultimate chance at survival. As you progress, earn money to upgrade your ride with meaner cars, bigger guns and more superior optimizations. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure that only the bravest can handle - try it out today!
survive the Zombie Derby: Blocky Roads? It's a thrilling action game that merges driving with battling zombies and wrecking everything in your path. The perilous post-apocalyptic climate is teeming with undead creatures, but only the most fearless and skilled drivers, as well as the hardiest survivors, can endure. Take command of your vehicle and take down hordes of zombies while clearing obstacles from your way. Keep an eye on your fuel gauge to avoid getting stranded during levels. Make cash by defeating zombies and spend it on acquiring new tough cars, large weapons, and enhancing automotive features. Why not give it a go? Can you survive in this enthralling zombie-packed world called Zombie Derby: Blocky Roads?

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Accélérer - W Haut tirer arme à feu - Espace Utiliser Nitro - Majuscule Gauche Incliner vers l'avant ou vers l'arrière - A D ou touches fléchées gauche droite.

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