Street Fight Match is a game for children that can be played online. It offers a classic casual puzzle experience with elimination gameplay. Ultraman, the protagonist, hits his adversary by removing balls of the same color. You and Ultraman will have fun eliminating these balls together and experiencing the thrill of it all! In order to complete each stage's goal, you must knock out your opponents and use special items to aid in your victory. Invite your friends to join you in this exciting game; who will finish the level first? Have an amazing time!
Street Fight Match is a fun online children's game that offers classic elimination gameplay. Join Ultraman in hitting your opponent by eliminating balls of the same color. Experience the joy of elimination and complete each stage by knocking out all opponents, aided by special props. Share the excitement with friends and compete to see who can finish each level first! Enjoy yourself and have a great time playing this engaging puzzle game!

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