Immerse yourself in the battlefield and prepare to accomplish various missions that will lead your team to triumph. Eliminate foes as you hunt for three concealed keys and weapons, all while ensuring that you make it to the exit before time's up. Test your skills by conquering every thrilling level of this enjoyable platform game. Instructions: Employ touch controls or Arrow keys for movement; Spacebar fires your weapon.
Enter the battlefield and prepare to carry out various missions in order to guide your faction towards triumph. Eliminate opponents as you hunt for three concealed keys and hidden armaments throughout each stage. Once all of the items have been obtained, make an effort to reach the exit before time runs out. Aim to complete every fast-paced level in this amusing platformer. Game instructions: Employ either touch controls or arrow keys for movement, and utilize spacebar for firing weapons.

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Utilise la souris pour jouer et le clavier.

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