Epic Army Defense is an exciting game that requires you to protect your castle from dragons and armies. You can display your aiming and shooting skills by utilizing a range of weapons such as arrows, catapults, miniguns, and cannons. The goal in this game is to fend off the persistent enemies using various weapons at your disposal. With access to everything from arrows to catapults, miniguns, and cannons, ensuring the safety of your castle will be easier than ever!
Epic Army Defense is an exhilarating game that allows you to exhibit your accuracy and marksmanship abilities as you safeguard your fortress from dragons and military troops. Make use of a diverse range of weapons, including arrows, catapults, miniguns, and cannons in this thrilling game. Take pride in your aiming skills by defending your castle against incessant attacks from ferocious dragons and armies using an array of weapons at your disposal. Equip yourself with everything from arrows to catapults, miniguns to cannons in order to emerge victorious and safeguard your castle at all costs!

Comment jouer

Utilise the left mouse button to shoot and manoeuvre the mouse for aiming, while accessing settings can be done by pressing the tab key.

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