Real Truck Parking tasks you with operating a large truck devoid of its body. Your objective is to navigate through specifically marked paths, bordered by concrete blocks and containers, in order to reach the rectangular parking lot delineated on the asphalt. The top left corner displays a timer which counts down from one second, indicating that you must park your truck before time runs out. Successfully completing the level entails striking the fence within the parking perimeter.
In Real Truck Parking, you must operate a large truck without its body. The objective is to navigate through designated routes outlined by concrete blocks and containers until you reach the rectangular parking area etched onto the asphalt. A countdown timer appears in the top left corner, indicating how long you have until it expires - therefore, completing the task before it fully runs out will be critical. Successfully finishing this level requires safely maneuvering into the parked position within the defined boundaries.

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Utilise les touches fléchées pour conduire ou touche les boutons sur ton appareil.

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