have the option to use magic potions to enhance your abilities in the game.

Slimoban 2 is the follow-up installment of Slimoban, a game inspired by Sokoban where we follow a young girl's ventures through a dungeon filled with perilous and colossal slimes. In every level, players must retrieve a valuable golden coin while maneuvering past hazardous slimes and utilizing opportunities to destroy them along the way. Magic potions can also be collected in order to manipulate massive wooden blocks or even slimes themselves; once lifted, these objects need to be placed into their proper locations for progress. Alongside this mechanic lies water that provides an additional interactive element - allowing things dropped within it to move about freely at times. The player has complete control over everything they move: blocks can be shifted, collected and then dropped exactly where needed with assistance from magical elixirs for added finesse during playtime.
have the option of destroying slimes by dropping blocks on them. Slimoban 2 is a continuation of the original game and features new challenges, such as more complex levels and tougher enemies. As you progress through the game, you'll encounter more obstacles that require problem-solving skills to overcome. Additionally, there are hidden areas to discover, adding another level of depth to the gameplay experience. Overall, Slimoban 2 offers an exciting adventure for players who enjoy puzzle games with a touch of action and exploration.

Comment jouer

Pour déplacer votre personnage, vous pouvez utiliser les touches WASD ou les flèches directionnelles. Pour passer votre tour, appuyez sur la barre d'espace. Enfin, pour placer des boîtes, il suffit de cliquer avec le bouton gauche de la souris.

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