Oddbods Sticky Tacky is the latest puzzle game in the enjoyable and laid-back series inspired by 'Oddbods' animation. The objective is to attach all elements to the magnetic field located at the center of space. To complete each level, securely fix Newt, the comical character, onto your creation without losing him or any other components. Be careful of exploding parts and ensure it stays attached!
Oddbods Sticky Tacky is the latest installment in an entertaining and informal collection of puzzle games inspired by the animated show 'Oddbods.' The objective is to ensure that all components adhere to the magnetic force located at the heart of space. Every level must be completed by attaching the comical character 'Newt' onto your formation without misplacing him or any other piece. Beware of explosive objects and ensure everything sticks together tightly!

Comment jouer

Cliquez / Touchez pour déplacer les éléments et les coller ensemble.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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