Nu Life is a game that revolves around adorable and tiny extraterrestrial beings known as Nus. These creatures hail from the planet Nu-2000, and they enjoy being in cold environments as it causes them to shrink in size while becoming delighted. To make the Nus more content, you can utilize your icy turrets to shoot at them. This will lower their size and improve their mood. With 10 distinct turrets available for use, there are various ways to interact with these cute little aliens. Players can also unlock prestige rewards in the game!
Nu Life is a laid-back game centered around adorable, small noses. These noses belong to Nus, creatures resembling aliens hailing from Nu-2000. Their preference is for frigid environments which will result in their diminishment and blissfulness. Employing your chilly turrets, take aim at the Nus to achieve this outcome! Enjoy yourself by exploring an array of 10 unique turrets as well as a prestige system within the game.

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