Naxrun is an adventurous game in which the player assumes the part of a cave explorer surrounded by perilous elements, like molten rocks and explosive devices. The aim is to gather coins of worth while navigating through hurdles via running, sliding, and hopping. The player can enjoy amazing graphics supplemented with distinctive power-ups during the pursuit to surpass their top score and obtain new riches.
Naxrun, an infinite runner game, casts the player as a brave adventurer inside a treacherous cave teeming with deadly hazards like TNTs and lava balls. The aim is to gather precious coins by leaping over obstacles, sliding under barriers or running through them. Exceptional graphics and unique power-ups guarantee that players will have an enjoyable time while they attempt to topple their personal best score and secure new riches.

Comment jouer

Utilise the keyboard's up and down arrows to execute jumping and sliding, while the W and S keys can be employed for similar actions. Similarly, you may jump or slide with ease by gliding your finger on the touch screen in an upward or downward motion.

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