Line Color 3D falls under the category of hyper casual games that entail acquiring territory through color path drawing. Securing a higher number of paths than your competitor translates to achieving the highest score, and although initially uncomplicated, mastering this game presents some level of challenge. Furthermore, safeguarding your boundaries becomes paramount since Line permits thievery in gameplay and opponents may not hesitate to execute such actions. It's important to note that no guarantees exist until ownership over an entire plot is established.
Line Color 3D is a hyper casual game where the goal is to gain control of areas by creating colored paths. To win, you must draw more paths than your opponent and achieve the highest score possible. Initially, the game appears easy to play; however, mastering it can prove challenging. It's important to defend your territory because in Line anything goes until one player owns all the land - this includes stealing territory from other players which is permitted and likely to occur.

Comment jouer

La jouabilité est simple et accessible. Vous devez conquérir la plus grande étendue de territoire et vaincre tous vos ennemis pour atteindre votre objectif. Attention, si les ennemis attaquent votre territoire, vous perdrez. Les commandes sont mobiles : glissez vers la gauche ou droite pour contrôler le jeu sur téléphone portable ; sur ordinateur, utilisez la souris ou les touches WASD / flèches pour contrôler.

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