be able to defeat Huggy Wuggy. So, gather food and evade the bear's embrace while avoiding the balls that will impede your progress. You can purchase bombs from the store to eliminate obstacles and temporarily disable Huggy Wuggy. Alternatively, investing in a rage-inducing weapon grants you invincibility as well as allowing you to triumph over your blue-furred adversary.
be able to quickly cut through any obstacles that stand in your way. Just be careful not to accidentally hurt yourself with the knife.

The massive blue bear named Huggy Wuggy is eager to embrace you with his enormous paws and shower you with affection. However, due to the sharp teeth resting within his mouth, this might not be what you desire. Instead, try obtaining food and eluding the grasp of Huggy Wuggy while avoiding any interruptions from bouncing balls that slow down your escape route. Make a purchase at the store for explosive bombs to demolish unwanted objects or temporarily stun Huggy Wuggy's pursuit. You may also opt for a fury-inducing blade that grants temporary invincibility and allows swift passage through obstructions; just make sure not to harm yourself unintentionally!

Comment jouer

Amasser autant de nourriture que possible en évitant les balles et s'enfuyant du contrôle souris Huggy Wuggy ou joystick sur les appareils mobiles - mouvement Z - utiliser une bombe X - utiliser le couteau de la rage.

Pas de vidéo de démonstration disponible pour le moment pour ce jeu.

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