EarthGames is excited to unveil Infrared Escape, a gaming experience that blends fast-paced arcade thrills with educational information on the greenhouse effect. To truly appreciate it, you'll have to give it a go! As an infrared beam of light seeking escape into space, your objective is to avoid encountering troublesome greenhouse gases by tapping left or right. Colliding with these gases depletes your energy reserves until eventually eliminating you from the game. Your voyage through the atmosphere comprises several levels, each mimicking an authentic atmospheric layer.
EarthGames proudly presents Infrared Escape, an exhilarating arcade game that provides players with the opportunity to learn about the greenhouse effect. It's a game you'll truly have to play to understand and appreciate! As an infrared light beam, your mission is to escape into space while avoiding troublesome greenhouse gases by tapping left or right. Every time you collide with a greenhouse gas, your energy depletes. If you keep hitting these gases repeatedly, your game will come to an end. The different levels of the game represent actual layers of the atmosphere as you make your way through it.

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